How does it work?

Simple - eCatcher is a virtual employee who asks the questions required to convert an enquiry into a client.

It eliminates 80% of the unproductive work which your Sales and Admin team have to do now.

In short it puts your sales script online and is driven by a brain so powerful it can understand your client’s answers.

  • Can determine the quality of each Lead
  • Automatically separates Good Leads from Bad
  • Puts the different types of Leads in Virtual Baskets in real time
  • Can prompt your sales team to jump on certain Leads quickly
  • Doesn't fall ill, works 24 hours a day all year round

The real ingenuity lies in the fact that the script or questionnaire you place online has brains. eCatcher is not simply capturing answers to questions - it actually understands the responses. And acts on them.

Through mathematical equations and complex matrices it skips questions depending on responses given, starts new lines of questioning, ends the questionnaire quickly if it discovers the client is no good and so on. In short it does everything you expect of a Telesales operator plus more.

Generate Sales Leads while
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Proof that it Works
“Over the last two years our sales leads have increased 8 fold, but we’ve only had to double the size of our sales team. eCatcher has been key to growing our market share to 87% of the online market for our sector, and it has played a major role in our record of growth and increased productivity”.

Anthony Sultan
Managing Director - Brunel Franklin & Company Limited

As a result of eCatcher Brunel Franklin dropped their plans to hire 40 new Telesales staff and cut down the size of their IT department considerably.

More ways to boost your bottom line

eCatcher not only increases the number and quality of your sales leads. It can also help you monitor the effectiveness of your marketing spend. Using eCatcher’s powerful Reporting capability, you can track the effectiveness of one marketing medium compared to another. This means that you can divert your spend towards those media that generate the highest value of leads. In addition eCatcher’s Lead Categorization capability helps you to create additional opportunities to market to your potential customers.

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