Support service

eCatcher is designed to be quick to set up.

Our experienced consultants will discuss your requirements with you, quoting you a fixed price for the work required. They will then run through a structured process designed to identify the questions, answers and responses most relevant to your business needs.

The finished questionnaire will be designed to have the look and feel of your own website, including your own logo.

Finally, if you want us to, we will help you ?with one of our Partner companies - to develop the marketing program required to promote your sales questionnaire.

Our support guarantee

eCatcher is a proven system for increasing both the number and the quality of your sales leads. We only earn our income when you start generating your own highly qualified sales leads, so we are committed to helping you get up and running quickly, allowing you to prove the benefits for yourself.

"We know we're only successful if you are."

Getting you up an and
running quickly


1 What does eCatcher do?
2 We mainly use telesales now - how can eCatcher help us?
3 We already use internet marketing ?why do we need eCatcher?
4 How do I get started using eCatcher?
5 I don’t currently use the internet to generate sales leads, so can you help me to publicize my test?
6 What will my eCatcher sales questionnaire look like?
7 Do I have to download any software to use eCatcher?
8 What browsers are compatible with eCatcher?
9 How is a user able to fill in a survey?
10 How will I be able to receive the leads?
11 How do I know when users have completed my questionnaire?

For more information on how eCatcher can revolutionize your sales lead generation, email us on info@ecatcher.com or click here to request a free call back