Transform your business

Setting up your website to generate pre-qualified leads!

People are shoppers online, says Martin Lemieux

Marketing your business is all about strategy, creativeness, ingenuity, support and especially information. Many small companies fail to realise the potential of their website when they market themselves locally. Your website could have a dramatic effect while attracting new leads for your business.

In the past, if a potential client wanted to know more information about a companies policies, procedures, prices, product/service information, they would have to either contact the company by phone, or read through expensive brochures. These days there’s the internet.
Companies world wide spend billions of dollars on answering potential clients questions. Customer support could either make you, or break you. Your website should be a marketing lead generator. But, your website should also help to ease your potential customers minds by answering their questions before they call you. If done properly, people should call you directly from your website in order to fill out an application, to make a product order, or they just want to speak to a live person.
If you truly worry about your competitors, then you aren't the best in your field hands down. People are shoppers online. Providing more information than you need to will attract the bigger fish, instead of always fighting for the small ones.
"Insider Secrets" are no secret. If you choose not to teach people about your industry, it's the same as fishing without worms. Insider secrets help the little guys learn what they need to know, and it also shows the bigger fish that you're not here to mess around, your here to catch the prize winning fish. Bigger, more profitable leads come from experience, and expertise.
Your website should produce information, if it doesn't show your potential leads you know what you're talking about, it will never help them to build trust in your judgment.
The internet is very unforgiving. A simple 3 page brochure website is not as valuable as a website that has tutorials, illustrations, and insider secrets. A computer cannot invoke emotions like a print ad, or TV ad can do. To make up for this lack of personal touch, we use things like words, thoughts, illustrations, video ads, tutorials, faq's, and ideas. The more personalised you can make your website, the more ways you will have to attract better leads.