What does eCatcher do?

eCatcher is a unique online service that enables organizations to generate high quality pre-qualified sales leads by delivering structured sales questionnaires on the web. Using these questionnaires, companies can attract more new business. They achieve this by promising – and delivering – instant, personalized feedback to prospects online. eCatcher then analyses responses and groups respondents into different categories, prioritizing those leads considered to be most attractive and ensuring quick follow-up by routing them to the relevant person or department.

We mainly use telesales now - how can eCatcher help us?

If you currently use telesales as part of your sales lead generation, then it's likely that you will be able to simply put your telesales script - with minimal changes - straight in to eCatcher. This means you can then generate pre-qualified sales leads 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. And because customers fill in the answers to the questions themselves, you don't need to employ your own staff to do this.

We already use internet marketing – why do we need eCatcher?

If you are already using the internet to generate sales leads then eCatcher will help you raise your web profile. It will also build your relationship with your customers by enhancing their experience of dealing with your company. Prospective customers are motivated to complete the questionnaire by the promise of receiving immediate information online, specifically tailored to their individual needs. So they will select your business in preference to your competitors. This means you gain greater value from your investment in SEO, Adwords, email marketing or other elements of your online marketing budget.

Not only that but - subject to respecting the customer's privacy - any leads which cannot be serviced by you can still be valuable as you may well be able to sell them on to other relevant companies.

How do I get started using eCatcher?

Email or call us. We will be happy to discuss your business requirements with you and – with no obligation to you - quote you a fixed fee for setting up your questionnaire. Once the brief has been agreed we will create your online test for you and allow you the chance to test it. As soon as everyone is happy then you’re ready to publicize your test online and start generating sales leads.

I don’t currently use the internet to generate sales leads, so can you help me to publicize my test?

We can help you handle the online promotion of your sales questionnaire through one of our partners. We will discuss your requirements with you and then suggest to you a partner who has the relevant expertise.

What will my eCatcher sales questionnaire look like?

We will design your questionnaire to match your own company image, complete with logos and style. Users will see it simply as a page from your own website.

Do I have to download any software to use eCatcher?

No - The eCatcher service is available over the internet as a web page. There is no software to download.

What browsers are compatible with eCatcher?

eCatcher can be viewed at up to 1024x768 resolutions on the following browser versions: Internet Explorer 6 and above.

How is a user able to fill in a survey?

The user will be directed, from your online or other ad, to the page hosting the questionnaire and they will fill in the form the same way they would on a typical web page. The forms are published as standard web forms; therefore the users are likely to be familiar with the standard methods used for entering information over the web.

How will I be able to receive the leads?

Once you have published your questionnaires there are two ways to receive the leads you have generated. We offer the functionality to either download the leads in a batch CSV format (standard comma delimited format file) so you can view them in an Excel file or import them into a database. You can also connect to the eCatcher service through our API. The API method offers a way in which leads are automatically downloaded to you as the questionnaire is completed (real time information transfer).

How do I know when users have completed my questionnaire?

We will notify you by email and/or SMS. You are free to choose how frequently we notify you of new leads and the method by which we contact you. If you don't specify otherwise, then new leads will be notified to you daily by email.

eCatcher also allows you to identify leads for which you require immediate notification. For example this could be a very large potential customer which has been identified by eCatcher and which you would like your Sales Director to follow up without delay. You can arrange this notification by email or SMS message. Clearly the quicker you respond to your potential customers the more likely you are to secure their business.

I have another question which isn't addressed here

If we haven't answered your question here, just email us your question at support@ecatcher.com