The Science of Marketing Online

Whether you are pitching a proposal to a prospective client or writing copy for your company, it is necessary to understand the SCIENCE of selling. In spite of what most people believe, selling is a science, especially online.

To be successful you must adapt and understand what the user wants. Gone are the days of high pressure selling. In the virtual world, customers know what they want before they go online. They may only want to speak to a member of your staff once they have made a decision or if they have a problem.

So how can you sell, if your customer doesn't want to talk to you?

Selling with Intelligence

Make your Sales Team Virtual and stick them online. That is the ethos of eCatcher and it works. eCatcher is a tried and tested Virtual Sales tool which will take you to the next generation of web marketing.
Use the web to generate high quality, low cost sales leads.

What eCatcher can do for your business
  • Increase your Lead Volume
  • Profile Leads without human intervention
  • Make your sales force ultra efficient
  • Decrease Lead Cost
  • Increase client acquisition
  • Build a Relationship with your clients
And it's future proof, scalable and flexible

For more information on how eCatcher can revolutionize your sales lead generation, email us on info@ecatcher.com or click here to request a free call back